Saturday, July 25, 2009

black veblensk city street

me playing BLACK on the ps2 .

recorded with easycap and window movie maker

my anime collection part 1 [HD]

here my anime ,manga, and xbox 360, ps2 and pc video games collection

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

perfect dark mission 2 part 2

me playing perfect dark zero .

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perfect dark mission 2 part 1

me playing perfect dark zero .

recorded with easycap and window movie maker

Suzumiya Haruhi no Chourantou ((涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 Suzumiya Haruhi no)

A 3D doujin game featuring the characters from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu from souvenir circ (see screenshots).

Format: ISO / non-install / ~200MB when unpacked / Japanese (No English translation!)

The objective is simple, defeat your enemy. No ring outs, you have to defeat all. Incase there are 4 enemies, then you have to defeat all 4 of them. There can be 6 characters on screen at one time. You'll control 1 character, whereas the rest is controlled by the computer.

you can download the game at LINK 

need to open it with winRAR or 7zip.Then burn it on to a CD or use daemon tools to play game.

Tomoyo Fighter

In line with our goal to share everything we find that is awesome, we have Tomoyo Fighter: ~It's an Exciting Life~ - Perfect Edition, a doujin beat-em-up game by chinchillasoft!

Totally discovered this by accident when looking for more stuff related to Tomoyo After, since I couldn't get enough of that gray-haired beauty. It's your typical move-through-the-stage-and-beat-everybod y-up game, but involves your favorite characters from CLANNAD as well as some other interesting characters. Even Hard Gay, Nanoha, Suigintou (from Rozen Maiden), Hatsune Miku, and Ai Enma (from Jigoku Shoujo) make their appearance!

Once you start playing post some screenshots, I didn't really have time to post any good ones.

This game works perfectly on XP, but only if your regional settings have been set to Japanese. That being said there are two fixes if you cannot get the game to work on Windows:

Regional Settings
To set your computers regional settings to Japanese, go to the "Regional and Language Options" in the Control Panel and, under the "Advanced" tab, set the "Language for non-Unicode programs" to Japanese.

Microsoft AppLocale
If, however, you don't want to change the language setting, the alternative would be to use AppLocale, which you can download here. After installing it, run AppLocale, and run the game through Applocale in Japanese.

Included in the game package we have translated the controls menu for you:

You can set your own controls to play with. Just click one of the control options and press they key you want to use. And the controls are not limited to just the keyboard, you can hook up a joystick or game controller if you have them. Once you have the title screen up, you're ready to play!

Translation Drop Down Menu Options

If you selection the Options Menu on the title screen, these are the english options you are able to adjust.

Game Difficulty: Set the game difficult from Easy, Normal, and Hard.
Damage dealt from Player 1 to Player 2: Pretty self-explanatory.
Damage dealt from Player 2 to Player 1: Again, pretty self-explanatory.
Music Volume
Sound Effects Volume

And finally in our effort to bring you everything you need, cheat codes! These allow you to play as NPCs (bosses etc.) So far chinchillasoft has unveiled three. When the game starts, enter the cheat code in the cheat codes box (under "File" and "チートコード") and when the area changes, so will your character!

Play as Ai Enma - flg(10,46);
Play as Hatsune Miku - flg(10,51);
Play as Tomoyo 2 - flg(10,3);

Our users have discovered a couple more playable characters via cheat codes:

Play as After Tomoyo - flg(10,4); Thanks quicksilver_zx!
Play as Nanoha - flg(10,79); Thanks quicksilver_zx!
Play as Mamimokkori - flg(10,83); Thanks quicksilver_zx!
Play as Supoo (Final Boss) - flg(10,10); Thanks Archeid!

And here are a plethora of download links we have provided to get the game:

These links contain the original game + patch, so everything you need is here.

Full Metal Sister Marilu

Many liken this game to the better known arcade game Metal Slug.
It is fairly similar in parts (besides sharing the 'metal' part in their names) but is an extreemly fun game never the less.


use 7-zip or winrar to unziped

lets play swat 4 p5

lets play swa4 part3

lets play swat 4 part2

lets play swat 4 part1

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Full Game Walkthrough 2part 1

F.E.A.R. two fear full original game edited first 10 min hq maxed dx10 high detail graphics pc walkthrough part best quality

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Full Game Walkthrough 1

The image of a pasty-skinned, greasy-haired young girl has become an iconic image in horror films like The Ring, and the original F.E.A.R. introduced a similar figure with great success. Of course, that game gave its ghostly visions a chilling context, drawing you into the unnerving story of a paranormal prodigy named Alma and the horrific suffering to which she was subjected. F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin returns to this fertile universe, but rather than scrutinize even darker reaches of the soul, it merely skims the surface, offering up a series of eerie visions without delivering a good mystery to bind them together. The good news for shooter fans is that the bullet-blasting core of the experience is sound, propelling you forward with enough intensity to keep the single-player campaign engaging. Most of what's here has been done better before, but the unspectacular elements have been stitched into an enjoyably moody first-person shooter that relies on rock-solid mechanics rather than true inspiration.

Negima Doujin Game Fukuin ha Utau Holograph Memories

OP video for a doujin game based on Mahou Sensei Negima!, entitled "Fukuin ha Utau -Holograph Memories-" by a team called Rozen Kreutz.

Rozen Kreutz' website can be found here:

Suzumiya Haruhi no Chourantou Doujin Fighting Game

Here is another Doujin Game Fighter for you called Suzumiya Haruhi no Chourantou!! This game is very similar to the Smash Brothers Series, so if you like that you may want to give this baby a try!!

東方アニメプロジェクト Studio Maikaze Touhou Trailer New

This's a new trailer of Maikaze's Touhou anime project.

playing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 demo

me playin Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 demo

record it with easycap and windows movie maker

perfect dark zero mission 0 part 2

me playing perfect dark zero

recorded with easycap and window movie maker

perfect dark zero -mission 0

me playing perfect dark zero .

recorded with easycap and window movie maker