Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tomoyo Fighter

In line with our goal to share everything we find that is awesome, we have Tomoyo Fighter: ~It's an Exciting Life~ - Perfect Edition, a doujin beat-em-up game by chinchillasoft!

Totally discovered this by accident when looking for more stuff related to Tomoyo After, since I couldn't get enough of that gray-haired beauty. It's your typical move-through-the-stage-and-beat-everybod y-up game, but involves your favorite characters from CLANNAD as well as some other interesting characters. Even Hard Gay, Nanoha, Suigintou (from Rozen Maiden), Hatsune Miku, and Ai Enma (from Jigoku Shoujo) make their appearance!

Once you start playing post some screenshots, I didn't really have time to post any good ones.

This game works perfectly on XP, but only if your regional settings have been set to Japanese. That being said there are two fixes if you cannot get the game to work on Windows:

Regional Settings
To set your computers regional settings to Japanese, go to the "Regional and Language Options" in the Control Panel and, under the "Advanced" tab, set the "Language for non-Unicode programs" to Japanese.

Microsoft AppLocale
If, however, you don't want to change the language setting, the alternative would be to use AppLocale, which you can download here. After installing it, run AppLocale, and run the game through Applocale in Japanese.

Included in the game package we have translated the controls menu for you:

You can set your own controls to play with. Just click one of the control options and press they key you want to use. And the controls are not limited to just the keyboard, you can hook up a joystick or game controller if you have them. Once you have the title screen up, you're ready to play!

Translation Drop Down Menu Options

If you selection the Options Menu on the title screen, these are the english options you are able to adjust.

Game Difficulty: Set the game difficult from Easy, Normal, and Hard.
Damage dealt from Player 1 to Player 2: Pretty self-explanatory.
Damage dealt from Player 2 to Player 1: Again, pretty self-explanatory.
Music Volume
Sound Effects Volume

And finally in our effort to bring you everything you need, cheat codes! These allow you to play as NPCs (bosses etc.) So far chinchillasoft has unveiled three. When the game starts, enter the cheat code in the cheat codes box (under "File" and "チートコード") and when the area changes, so will your character!

Play as Ai Enma - flg(10,46);
Play as Hatsune Miku - flg(10,51);
Play as Tomoyo 2 - flg(10,3);

Our users have discovered a couple more playable characters via cheat codes:

Play as After Tomoyo - flg(10,4); Thanks quicksilver_zx!
Play as Nanoha - flg(10,79); Thanks quicksilver_zx!
Play as Mamimokkori - flg(10,83); Thanks quicksilver_zx!
Play as Supoo (Final Boss) - flg(10,10); Thanks Archeid!

And here are a plethora of download links we have provided to get the game:

These links contain the original game + patch, so everything you need is here.

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