Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sorry i forgot......

Entry #1-2

Well procasting like usually . however i'm hoping just to get something running tonight in some strang way. Also i have lost the will to even mess with blender 3D at the moment even thought i've become more income stable at the moment. Who know maybe it me just being lazy  as always wither way it time for me to keep learning torque 2D. ALso a small shoutout to my other blog Below.photoblog
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Entry #1

 I decided to post my daily  thought on this site as I didn't think of anything else to do with it for another year. also thinking of that i also got a photo blog and i need to keep up dating that while i'm at it. I also trying to see if i can try to learn to use The Torque 2D engine tonight so i can at lest know what to do do when i'm making the level for my game