Tuesday, February 19, 2008

All the Detail for Rainbow Six vegas


A world-exclusive first-look of the game appeared in the January edition of the Official Xbox Magazine. One of the biggest announcements is that Logan Keller, the lead character from the previous game, has been removed in favor of having the player create his own character to play through the campaign. The player will assume the role of Bishop, a new member of the Rainbow squad who is "soaring through the ranks." The game is billed as "part sequel, part prequel,"[6] as the events of the campaign run both before and concurrently to the story of Logan Keller, and continue after where the first game concluded.

New features include an enhanced version of the Persistent Elite Creation system. Players can now customize their character with experience points earned in both single-player and multiplayer. There is also a new stat-tracking feature which observes how players choose to play, unlocking new weapons and equipment based on their playing styles. There are 11 new weapons, 13 multiplayer maps, 2 new game modes, and a tweaked ranking system, as well as improvements to the online functionality to make it easier to find online sessions. In addition, players can now join matches that are already in progress.

In single-player, the developers claim to have vastly improved teammate AI, so that now teammates bound and cover each other as they advance. They also have several new commands, including the ability to suppress an area or throw a grenade at a specific point. In co-op, players will now be able to experience the full single-player campaign -- the previous game skipped several cut-scenes and all of the in-game media (such as the picture-in-picture talking head briefings given out during each mission and Logan's responses to the NPC characters). As a consequence, however, the co-op experience has been reduced to a maximum of two players, down from four in the first Rainbow Six Vegas.[8] Unlike the co-op mode in the original Rainbow Six: Vegas, the AI teammates will remain in the game during co-op and can be given orders and go-codes by Player 1.

It has also been revealed that the campaign will now focus on the seedier side of Vegas, with more outdoor combat and daytime missions. Also, certain missions will now see a real-time day/night cycle. Certain kinds of cover is now able to be shot through and some of it is also destructible.[9] The player can now sprint for a short distance using the left bumper. Rather than two difficulty modes, the game now has three.

An additional system implemented in the game is the "Advanced Combat Enhancement and Specialization" or ACES, where players will be rewarded with different weapons based on tactics used in the game.[6] The ACES system is divided into three parts: Marksmanship, Assault, and Close-Quarter Combat. Every single kill the player makes is organized into one of these three categories and scored based upon how the kill was performed (for example a headshot would count toward Marksmanship, or shooting through a wall would count toward assault). By getting a high enough score in a category the player unlocks a specific item for that category. For example, the Assault category might reward the player with a new type of grenade, while the Marksmanship category might reward the player with a new type of sniper rifle. Even though the ACES system goes across modes there are certain rewards that can only be unlocked in single or multiplayer.

New Weapons

The 11 new weapons in Vegas 2 were revealed in an official post on the official forums[10] and are as follows:
Walther P99 (Pistol)
QCW-05 (SMG)
Škorpion vz. 61 (vz. 83) (SMG)
FN FNC (Assault)
SA80 L85A2 (Assault)
AK-74 AKS-74U (Assault)
Barrett M468 (Assault)
Mossberg 500 (Shotgun)
Accuracy International Arctic Warfare (Sniper)
SR-25 (Sniper)
FAMMAS-74 (Assault)

Weapons are unlocked by the ACES system and experience points.

Limited Collector's Edition
A limited collector's edition of the game was unveiled in a special trailer for the game. This collector's edition comes with tips from the Frag Dolls, a poker chip keychain and a special boxart for the game.

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