Sunday, January 18, 2009

It seems the only major confirmed Haruhi title, “Haruhi-chan”, has not even begun production, leading many to doubt whether a 2009 release is likely.

The news comes by way of a radio interview with the staff of Ga-rei Zero (at about 40:00): “We’re still not started on Haruhi-chan”.

Much fuss has been made over the supposed announcement of the full second series of the main title, but this latest news, although from a separate production company, hardly suggests the Haruhi marketers take the business of actually releasing the anime they announce seriously…

That said, a 2009 release should still be possible, but the earliness of the announcement if a later 2009 release is planned is rather questionable. Evidently, it is felt that it is best to keep fans in a state of permanent suspense.

Given the very low credibility now attached to Haruhi-related marketing announcements, fans are left doubting that the 2nd season will be delivered at all…


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